"You tell me why you can't accomplish your goals and I will tell you how you can!"

M.J Carter-Williams
Career Coach

Hi! I'm

Here is my career story.

My first adult job that actually paid the bills was as a Manager Trainee in retail. It was my first salaried job and made me feel all grown up. Within 6 months, I was promoted to Assistant Store Manager. I desired to work in an office environment that did not require me to work nights and weekend so I accepted an Office Manager position in the landscaping industry.

I applied for a HR position at a non-profit organization and landed my first HR job with no previous "HR" experience.

From there I was offered a HR position in the medical industry at the corporate office and was promoted to HR Leadership within a year.

I accepted another HR position at the corporate office in the insurance industry. Within a year I was promoted to HR Leadership and within the next year I was promoted to HR Management.

In a nutshell, I have more than my share of experience in transitioning careers, industries and roles. I have also mastered the strategies to position myself for and land multiple promotions with salary increases outside of the industry standards.

Now I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise with you to help you in your career.